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‘Camper Van’ Wedding Gift – by LLCrafts

Beautiful ‘Wedding Gift’ – ‘Camper Van Trays’

Unique Gift Handpainted by Artist Louise Lester – ‘LLCrafts

These fantastic hand-painted ‘His & Her Wedding Trays’ (code 812) were commissioned by a lovely Coleraine couple as a unique wedding gift for their friends …… who just love vintage camper vans!
So unique and personal ….. and the retro design was even personalized with the ‘Surname’ of the newly weds, the ‘Wedding Date’, the ‘Name Initials’ of the Bride & Groom ……. and their wee pet dog ‘Sally’ wasn’t forgotten on the big day aswell!
It was a pleasure hand-painting these beposke ‘Wedding Gifts’!




Artist Louise Lester – LLCrafts

29 Sandmount Park, Galgorm, Ballymena, Co. Antrim, UK BT42 1DS – 028 256 43505 –


Personalized POSTBOX Orders – LLCrafts

Hand-painted POST BOX Commissioned Orders
Painted by Northern Irish Artist Louise Lester – LLCrafts
These are some samples of beautiful hand-painted POST BOXES that I have painted and personalized for recent customers. Some of the clients supplied their own ‘Metal’ post boxes …….. however I can also supply a ‘Wooden’ post box.

This design was lovely and unique, with a wonderful ‘Swallows’ imagery painted onto the letterbox, with the House No. 99 and the Family Name added! ‘Swallow Birds’ were chosen because during the building of the house these birds also made it their home, so that became the perfect painting subject matter! When the customer ‘Ann’ collected the finished job, she was so impressed, saying it was just *STUNNING*! ……. its always great to get wonderful customer feedback!!

Some more beautifully hand-painted ‘Post Boxes’ – A WOODEN LetterBox that I am able to supply……  this order was painted with an ‘Ivy’ design, surrounding the ‘House No.60’


And this customer’s own METAL Letterbox …… with a vintage ‘Ferguson Tractor’ handpainted onto the front!

Contact Louise / Gloria at – or phone us – if you wish to have a fantastic and original Hand-Painted ‘POST BOX’ addition for your home ………… Makes a great ‘New Home’ Gift!! ………… or simply make your postman’s life easier!


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LLCrafts – Artist Louise Lester

29 Sandmount Park, Galgorm, Ballymena, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, UK BT42 1DS – 028 256 43505 –


Painted Ceramic Kitchen Tiles – LLCrafts

Ceramic Tiles – Kitchen or Bathroom

Handpainted By Northern Irish Artist Louise Lester – LLCrafts

Fancy having your own personally painted ‘CERAMIC TILES’ scene or design ….. for your kitchen or bathroom! Handpainted by myself Ballymena Artist Louise Lester – ‘LLCrafts‘ ….. any image can be painted and any number of tiles can be painted to create a scene, using 15x15cm tiles.

This customer wanted a beautiful ‘Mummy Owl & Baby Owls’ scene, with their personal text added. Once painted, the tiles are sealed in my kiln, so they can be grouted among your normal kitchen tiles.

 This tile scene was certainly a bespoke talking point for this customer’s kitchen and here is the fantastic feedback i received-


” Hi Louise …….. Just a wee picture of my tiles all in place now above the cooker …….  I am so, so happy with them ….. and everyone has commented on them so much, they are wonderful, thanks so much again …… Maisie Anderson


It is always lovely hearing from happy customers!!!

Email me at – or phone us – to have a wee chat about your own kitchen or bathroom ceramic tile design ideas!


ceramic tiles / llcrafts / northern ireland / #loveballymena / ballymena / handpainted / kitechen  / bathroom


LLCrafts – Artist Louise Lester

29 Sandmount Park, Galgorm, Ballymena, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, UK BT42 1DS – 028 256 43505 –



Valentines Day – Custom Gift Order


Hand painted by Northern Ireland Artist Louise Lester – LLCrafts

Personal ‘One-Off’ Customer’s Own Craft Item – Glass Bottle

This was a wonderful wee order to complete, as it has a fantastic story behind it and it was a surprise VALENTINES DAY Gift!

The background story is that the customer wanted this wee glass bottle (only about 6″ or 15cm tall) painted for her boyfriend, who is a farmer and this bottle was dug up from his field, by himself! He had no idea that his girlfriend was then going to get it customised with their personal details! …….. brilliant!!

The painted image wanted was the farmers own breed of sheep- ‘Suffolk Sheep’ and was personalised with their two names and date ……… Just love it!!

Bring along your own item to be decorated!



Artist & Tutor – Louise Lester – LLCrafts

29 Sandmount Park, Galgorm, Ballymena, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, UK BT42 1DS – 028 256 43505 –


LLCRAFTS in Northern Ireland, UK

Welcome to my small ‘arty’ corner of Northern Ireland

in Galgorm, Ballymena at LLCRAFTS

Myself, Ballymena artist Louise Lester (BA Hons) of ‘LLCrafts’ specialises in beautiful BESPOKE hand painted gifts …… and I just love to paint, always have!…and get great satisfaction from offering my bespoke ‘Made to Order’ crafts & gifts, hand painted and produced by myself.

With Christmas just round the corner ……. special gifts are always wanted for loved ones!

Why not give ‘LLCrafts’ a quick shout …….. arrange a FREE consultation time and chat over your gift ideas for that very special, thoughtful present that you will NOT find on the high street!

** You call / We discuss **

** I do / Job done **
** Easy! **






* Milkchurns & Pails
* Door Slates

*  Wedding Gifts

* Baby & Christening Gifts

* Pet Portraits

* Tinware

* Original Artwork


Have Anything Painted onto Anything!

Be it SMALL or BIG commissioned gift orders ……. for 12 years now I have enjoyed working as an artist & art tutor with individual customers, chatting over ideas and concepts to ensure that their order is tailored to their needs, even working directly from their own photographs! Nothing beats working together and at ‘LLCrafts’ we are very down-to-earth and approachable!

Why not transform and re-cycle your old tired item into something beautiful….just in time for Xmas! ……. Re-claim and ‘LLCrafts’ will personalize it, creating a unique eco-friendly crafty gift!

See more about LLCRAFTS on my FACEBOOK pages- LLCrafts / Enjoy Painting / LLCrafts Fundraising


LL Crafts – Louise Lester

29 Sandmount Park, Galgorm, Ballymena, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, UK. BT42 1DS

E: / T: 028 2564 3505 / W:


Bespoke Clockface LLCrafts Orders

Grandfather Clock Face Restoration

Do you have an ‘Old & Rusty Grandfather Clockface’ ……… LLCrafts at Galgorm, Ballymena can restore it for you back to its former beauty!

Artist Louise Lester (BA Hons) can paint any beautiful design on a customer’s clockface, producing a perfectly unique and bespoke item in all its glory! Even if the old clockface is rusty and aged, bring it along and see it transformed.

All types of clockfaces can be restored, including this bespoke decorated sample of a ‘Moon Dial’ Clockface. The beautiful detailing of the numerals around the top curve and the delicate ‘world globe maps’ along the top edge, helps to display the ‘Moon Dial’ movement of this clockface.

Another beautiful example of Louise’s work is this ‘Steam Train’ commissioned clockface. The important aspect of this particular order was the quaint steam engine train scene, which the customer wished to be brought ‘back to life’ and brightened up. The scene was then complimented with lovely delicate corner flowers, to finish the design.

As you can see, the degree of damage and rust on this clockface before restoration was quite severe, however when fully restored the end painted result is refreshingly elegant. ClockFace_2

 So contact me at ‘LLCrafts’ –  with your old and rusty items, and restore some life back into them!


LL Crafts, Louise Lester

29 Sandmount Park, Galgorm, Ballymena, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, BT42 1DS

E: / T: 028 2564 3505 / W: